Bora Ung

Bora Ung
Bora Ung completed a B.Eng and M.Sc in physics at Laval University with specialisation in optics-photonics. He has a Ph.D in engineering physics (2012) from the Ecole Polytechnique de Montréal in the development of novel microstructured optical fibers. As a postdoctoral fellow at Laval, he performed research in the transmission of inhomogeneous optical beams and worked on multi-material textile fibers. Since September 2014 he is professor at the electrical engineering department of the École de technologie supérieure and member of the strategic cluster Center for Optics, Photonics and Lasers (COPL). He heads the PHotonic Innovations Lab (phi-lab), is a member of the LACIME research group and the RISUQ intersectorial research network.

2020-05-25: Prof Ung has been appointed on the Editorial board of the journal Frontiers in Sensors.

2020-04-20: Our newest paper "Transmission of Orbital Angular Momentum and Cylindrical Vector Beams in a Large-Bandwidth Annular Core Photonic Crystal Fiber" has been selected for the cover of the journal Fibers!

2020-04-16: Prof Ung has been appointed on the Reviewer Board of the journal Sensors.

2020-04-14: Koffi has won the 2nd prize of the "3 min thesis competition". Congratulations!

2020-03-02: Koffi Amouzou and Saeed Azad (both PhD students in the group) have been selected to participate to the University finals of the "3 minute thesis competition", kudos to both of you!! You can hear them at the finals on March 18, 11:30 AM at the main hall of the Maison des étudiants in ETS.

2020-02-22: Manish received the 2020 Fibers Travel award to present his work on the broadband transmission of vector-vortex beams in annular-core photonic crystal fiber at the CLEO 2020 conference. He is the sole winner in the PhD student category, selected amongst a pool of candidates from around the world. Proud congratulations Manish!

2019-11-18: Prof. Ung gave an invited talk at Polytechnique Montréal in front of undergraduates in engineering physics. What a great visit with nice discussions!

2019-11-12: Prof. Ung was at the Société des arts technologiques to participe in the SÉRI Montréal 2020 industry-academia research networking event.

2019-09-13: Prof. Ung is now member of the LACIME research group.

2019-06-07: Prof. Ung is now a member of the editorial board of Scientific Reports. We encourage you to submit your next research paper to our journal!

2019-05-23: Prof Ung gave an invited talk in the Optical Communications panel at the Photonics North 2019 conference. He also presented a contributed talk at ETOP 2019 about the new optics laboratory session on the measurement of refractive indices of liquids now available in the ELE771-Photonic devices undergraduate course.

2019-03-22:  Prof. Ung and M. Sharma have been confirmed as Vice-Chair and Executive officer of OSA's "Fiber Modeling and Fabrication" technical group!

2019-03-18: We are happy to welcome Koffi Amouzou from the University of Moncton. Koffi's doctoral research will be on the elaboration of elastomeric waveguides and sensor devices. Welcome to Montréal and the group!

2019-02-21: Our latest paper on a special design of photonic crystal fiber guiding of vortex beams has been published in Scientific Reports.

2019-02-12: We are happy to welcome our new PhD student, Saeed Azad from the Nano-Laboratory of Yasouj University. He will work on novel optical sensors based on optofluidic devices and microstructured fibers. Welcome to Montréal Saeed!

2018-12-13: Prof. Ung gave an invited talk at the Dept. of physics and astronomy of Université de Moncton. Special thanks to Prof. J-F. Bisson who welcomed me!

2018-09-05: Prabin successfully defended his doctoral thesis today. Congratulations Dr. Pradhan!

2018-08-30: Prof Ung gave an invited talk in the Tailored Complex Optical Fields workshop panel at CLEO-PR 2018 conference.

: We are happy to add Dr. Satyendra Mishra in our research group. Dr. Mishra brings with him an expertise in nanomaterials science and advanced optical sensors. Welcome to Montréal Satyendra!

2018-05-29: Prabin was awarded the 2018 J.-A. DeSève postdoctoral fellowship from the Research Center of the Montreal Sacre-Coeur Hospital. Bravo Prabin!

2018-05-10: Manish was  awarded with the highly competitive PBEEE doctoral fellowship from the FRQNT. Congratulations Manish!

2018-05-01: Pierre-Luc Verville, an undergraduate of EE at ETS is starting a Master in biomedical photonics in codirection with Prof. Eric Wagnac. Welcome in the group!

2018-02-26: Prof. Ung gave an invited talk at Laval University on the generation of annular beams, their fiber transmission and photonic devices.

2018-01-24: Prof. Ung will headline a conference at the Soirées des Cycles Supérieurs of ÉTS on Februrary 7. A full description of the event and registration form are at this link:
Looking forward to meet you!

2018-01-23: Prabin was awarded the 1st prize and glowing comments in the 2017 best paper award of SARA. Congratulations!

2018-01-17: Paper on optical interconnexions in multicore fibers published in IEEE Photonics Technology Letters

2018-01-16: Yann found a new job as a systems engineer at Zimmer Biomet. Congratulations!

2018-01-10: Paper presenting a new method for generating perfectly tailored cylindrical vector beams published in IEEE Photonics Journal

2017-12-05: Manish has passed his pre-doctoral exam with success. Bravo!

2017-11-17: Mahmoud was selected by the OSA for sharing his passion for conducting research in optics & photonics. Well done! Three short videos are on OSA's website

2017-07-04: Paper demonstrating the first spinal cord surrogate instrumented with optical fibers published in  Medical Engineering & Physics

2017-06-06: Yann presents his recent work in the design and characterization of a spinal cord surrogate instrumented with optical fibers at the 4th International Conference on Biomedical Engineering and Systems (ICBES'17) in Rome, Italy.

2017-05-08: Paper demonstrating the first characterization of the Brillouin gain of cylindrical vector modes in few-mode fibers published in  Nature Scientific Reports

2017-04-13: Prabin was awarded 2 doctoral research fellowships (BDREE and PBEEE) from the FRQNT. It's decision time now. Congratulations!

2017-03-20: Mahmoud presents his recent results towards the development of a multicore-fiber based ROADM at the OFC 2017 conference in Los Angeles, USA. He also received a competitive travel grant from ETS to go. Congratulations!

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