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The LACIME in few words: 

The LACIME covers a broad range of captivating fields, ranging from the tiniest devices and circuits to the most complex land and satellite communication and navigation systems, and brings together world-renowned researchers, who are assisted by a team of students, trainees and professionals using and operating cutting-edge tools to carry out innovative and highly translational research in those fields.

The synergy and diversity that exists among its members, complemented by their expertise, make the LACIME a truly unique laboratory and a preferred business partner. Thanks to its unique attributes, the LACIME provides a dynamic setting in which members’ transdisciplinary knowledge is used to come up with new innovative and high performance systemic approaches. The LACIME can therefore offer its students and researchers a more stimulating environment, which contributes to the training of a new generation of engineers with advanced skills in the analog, digital and mixed domains, to meet the needs of industry.

The LACIME pursues the following objectives :
Promote both fundamental and applied research that can lead to the development of innovative solutions
Prioritize interaction with industry offering the potential for technology transfer
Promote collaboration with other universities
Contribute to the training of a highly specialized labour force capable of meeting both current and future challenges