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L'ÉTS vous donne rendez-vous à sa journée portes ouvertes qui aura lieu sur son campus à l'automne et à l'hiver : Samedi 18 novembre 2023 Samedi 17 février 2024 Le dépôt de votre demande d'admission à un programme de baccalauréat ou au cheminement universitaire en technologie sera gratuit si vous étudiez ou détenez un diplôme collégial d'un établissement québécois.

Health Technologies

The health needs in Québec and Canada continue to increase, mostly due to an aging population, but also due to the influence of environmental factors and the emergence of new illnesses. In light of this, improving the availability and quality of health and wellness services is a critical issue, and we firmly believe that technology can be of service to this.

Therefore, we have decided to prioritize the design of innovative technologies intended to improve wellness and quality of life and to prevent, screen and treat health problems. Constantly seeking to offer tangible solutions, our research teams work closely with industrial partners and clinical staff within at hospitals.

Research directions in health technologies at ÉTS

  • Medical imaging and deep neural learning; neuroimaging;
  • Virtual and augmented reality in the field of rehabilitation engineering and virtual reality for the cognitive training of athletes;
  • Speech recognition;
  • Biomaterials;
  • Modelling of physical and biological systems;
  • Surgical simulation;
  • Decision and diagnostic assistance;
  • Design of orthopaedic implants;
  • Virtual ergonomics, autonomy, mobility, exoskeletons and biomimicry;
  • Personalized medicine.


    Our research is about improving human care and health. We have a direct, measurable, rapid and visible impact. It’s very exciting. It’s a noble goal that resonates with me.

    — Rita Noumeir: Machine Learning and Medicine, A Promising Future

    Holding the Research Chair on the Development and Validation of Clinical Decision Support Systems with Professor Philippe Jouvet, Rita Noumeir is developing software and algorithms that process and analyze massive data. These data, which come from information collected on the patient and pre-existing data, are then synthesized to give doctors a more objective reading of the situation.

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