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Research Chairs, Labs, Institute and Group

ÉTS intends to position itself as a leader in research and maintain its close and privileged ties with industry. Its choices of research subjects are made in collaboration with its many industrial partners and aim at concrete applications in specific areas.

Canada Research Chairs Industrial Research Chairs

Industrial Research Chair on the Integration of Digital Technologies in Construction 
Holder: Daniel Forgues

ArianeGroup Research Chair on Emerging Materials in the Aeronautics and Space sector
Holder: Sylvain G. Cloutier

Distech Controls Industrial Chair on Embedded Neural Networks for Connected Building Control
Holders: Éric Granger and Marco Pedersoli

DKSpec Industrial Research Chair in Advanced Manufacturing Technologies for a New Generation of Components for the Wood Industry
Holder: Mohammad Jahazi

ÉTS-EERS Industrial Research Chair in In-Ear Technologies
Holder: Jérémie Voix

Finkl Steel Industrial Research Chair in Forming Technologies of High-Strength Alloys
Holder: Mohammad Jahazi

Kaloom-Telus Industrial Research Chair on an Engineering Approch to DevOps in the Context of Software Defined Systems
Holder:  Francis Bordeleau

Matrox Imaging Industrial Research Chair in Computer Vision for Industrial Applications
Holder: Christian Desrosiers

Olympus Industrial Chair on Ultrasonics Nondestructive Testing
Holder: Pierre Bélanger

P&WC-ÉTS Industrial Chair on Propulsion System Integration and Optimization
Holder: Hany Moustapha

Robotiq Industrial Research Chair in Interactive Robotics
Holder: Vincent Duchaine

Safran Industrial Research Chair on the Development of Sustainable Aero-Propulsion Systems 
Holder: François Garnier

Siemens Industrial Chair on Industry 4.0 Technology Integration
Holder: Hany Moustapha

Summit Tech Industrial Research Chair in Immersive Interactive Video
Co-Holders: Stéphane Coulombe and Carlos Vazquez

Ultra TCS Industrial Research Chair on Intelligent Tactical Wireless Networks for Challenging Environments
Holder: Georges Kaddoum

Other Chairs

Research Chair on the Development and Validation of Clinical Decision Support Systems using Artificial Intelligence
Holder: Rita Noumeir

Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair on Applications and Services in Edge Computing
Holder: Julien Gascon-Samson

Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair in Mechanical Biomarkers
Holder: Nicola Hagemeister

Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair in Innovative Nanomaterial Design and Manufacturing for Sustainable Energy, Environmental and Health Applications
Holder: Gaixia Zhang

Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair in Multimaterial and Multifunctional Photonic Devices
Holder: Bora Ung

Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair in Hydraulics for Maritime and River Planning
Holder: Damien Pham Van Bang

Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair on the Impact of Environmental Changes on Water Resources
Holder: Annie Poulin

Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair in Environmentally Friendly Composite Materials
Holder: Martine Dubé

Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair in Multimodal Health Monitoring and Early Disease Detection with Hearable
Holder: Rachel Bouserhal

Canada CIFAR Research Chair in Artificial Intelligence
Holder: Samira Ebrahimi-Kahou

Research Chair in Artificial Intelligence and Digital Health for Health Behaviour Change
Holder: Éric Granger

Chaire de recherche en orthopédie Marie-Lou et Yves Cotrel de l'Université de Montréal et de l'ÉTS
Holder: Jacques A. de Guise

Institutes and Groups Research Units Certified Research Units Recognized

CoRo – Control and Robotics Laboratory
Director:  Ilian Bonev

DRSR – Research team specialized in Development and Research on Structures and Rehabilitation
Director:  Omar Chaallal

DYNAMO – Research Laboratory in Machine Process and Structural Dynamics
Director: Raynald Guilbault

GRAM – Acoustics Research Group of Montréal
Directors: Olivier Doutres and Jérémie Voix

GRANIT – Research Group on Numerical Applications in Engineering and Technology
Director: Azzeddine Soulaïmani

INIT Robots - Laboratory of Intuitive and Natural Interaction with Teleoperated Robots
Director: David St-Onge

LABMULTIMEDIA – Multimedia Research Laboratory
Director: Michael McGuffin

LAMSI – Shape Memory Alloys and Intelligent Systems Laboratory
Director:  Vladimir Brailovski

LARCASE – Aeronautical Research Laboratory in Active Control, Avionics and Aeroservoelasticity
Director: Ruxandra Botez

LaRTIC – Research Laboratory on Information Technologies in Construction
Director: Conrad Boton

LASSENA – Laboratory of Space Technologies, Embedded Systems, Navigation and Avionic
Director:  René Jr. Landry

LATIS – Biomedical Information Processing Laboratory
Director: Catherine Laporte

LG2 – Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering Laboratory
Director: François Duhaime

LIDD – Engineering for Sustainable Development Laboratory
Director: Philippe Terrier

LINCS – Cognitive and Semantic Interpretation Engineering Laboratory  
Director: Sylvie Ratté

LIVE – Interventional Imaging Laboratory
Director: Luc Duong

LOPFA – Optimization of Aerospace Manufacturing Processes Laboratory
Director: Philippe Bocher

LTSB - Laboratory of Thermal and Building Science
Directors: Danielle Monfet and Katherine D'Avignon

NUMERIX – Organizational Engineering Research Laboratory for the Digital Enterprise
Director: Tasseda Boukherroub

PULÉTS – Piezoelectricity, ULtrasonics technologies and materials Laboratory
Directors: Pierre Bélanger and Ricardo Zednik

TFT – Thermofluid for Transport Laboratory
Director: Romain Lemaire

Research at ÉTS
24 Research Chairs
40 research chairs by 2024
30 research units, institute and group