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L'ÉTS vous donne rendez-vous à sa journée portes ouvertes qui aura lieu sur son campus à l'automne et à l'hiver : Samedi 18 novembre 2023 Samedi 17 février 2024 Le dépôt de votre demande d'admission à un programme de baccalauréat ou au cheminement universitaire en technologie sera gratuit si vous étudiez ou détenez un diplôme collégial d'un établissement québécois.

Innovations with High Market Potential

Thanks to our practical, real-world orientation, technologies conceived by ÉTS researchers can have a high potential for commercialization. They relate to areas as diverse as information technologies, telecommunications, health sciences, raw materials and manufacturing. Would you like to market one of these innovations? Contact us today!

Protected and Patent-Pending Technologies

Here is the list of ÉTS protected or patent-pending technologies. These technologies are available for commercialization. If you’d like to obtain more information about one of these technologies, write to gestionpi@etsmtl.ca.

Vladimir Brailovski ets


VAL-173 – Guy Gauthier and Maarouf Saad
International Patent Application no. PCT/CA2016/051376
A Cable-Driven Robot  For Locomotor Rehabilitation Of Lower Limbs

VAL-033 – Vladimir Brailovski
United States Patent no. 8,308,761
Binding component

Information technologies

VAL-125 – Ghyslain Gagnon
United States Patent Application no. 14/396,928
Wireless sensor network for measurement of electrical energy consumption

VAL-096 – Ghyslain Gagnon
United States Patent no. 9,679,472
Energy consumption evaluation system having reduced energy consumption

VAL-094 – David Bensoussan – ALIGO
United States Patent no. 8,831,755
System and method for feedback control

Georges Kaddoum ets


VAL-186 – Stéphane Coulombe

VAL-152 – Georges Kaddoum
United States Patent Application no. 15/508,287
Methods And Systems For Spread Spectrum Communications

VAL-123 – Stéphane Coulombe
United States Patent no. 9,661,349
Method and system for video error correction

VAL-098 – René Landry
United States Patent no. 8,401,546
Universal Acquisition And Tracking Apparatus For Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS)

VAL-071 – Belzile, Batani, Gagnon, Rioux 
United States Patent no. 7,948,963
Satellite Modem With A Dynamic Bandwidth

VAL-058 – Ammar Kouki 
United States Patent no. 8,358,182
Duplexer for integration in communication terminals

VAL-035 – Ammar Kouki
United States Patent no. 7,459,973
Method and Apparatus for Amplifying a Signal Modulated in Amplitude

VAL-017 – Ammar Kouki
United States Patent no. 7,330,500
Adjustable Electronic Duplexer

Materials and Manufacturing 

VAL-175 – Vincent Demers
International Patent Application no. PCT/CA2017/050526
A Low-Pressure Powder Injection Molding Machine, Kit and Method

VAL-040 – Illian Bonev
United States Patent no. 7,707,907
Planar Parallel Mechanism and Method