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L'ÉTS vous donne rendez-vous à sa journée portes ouvertes qui aura lieu sur son campus à l'automne et à l'hiver : Samedi 18 novembre 2023 Samedi 17 février 2024 Le dépôt de votre demande d'admission à un programme de baccalauréat ou au cheminement universitaire en technologie sera gratuit si vous étudiez ou détenez un diplôme collégial d'un établissement québécois.

Women and engineering

The world needs more female engineers, so we must multiply the number of women who have access to engineering.

Increased presence of women in engineering

Despite an increase in their presence in recent years, women continue to be under-represented in engineering educational environments. ÉTS is hoping to reverse this trend by facilitating the integration of women who choose the fields of science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

A number of initiatives have been implemented with a view to attaining the objective of 30% female engineering students by 2030 and creating a sustainable change in culture.

Learn more about these initiatives by visiting our News page.

The 2023 Palmarès Féminin pluriel

Recognition and scholarship program for female students at ÉTS

Palmarès Féminin pluriel (recognizing women in engineering) is an annual program that celebrates 30 women from all levels at ÉTS who stand apart, each in their own way. All journeys, as diverse as they may be, can be inspirational in terms of inciting women to take their rightful place in the world of engineering. Each honouree receives a $500 cash scholarship thanks to our partner, Broccolini Construction. If you would like to take part in the third edition of the Palmarès, please submit your application between February 8 and March 8, 2023.

This program is an initiative of the Objectif Féminin pluriel campaign, which aims to increase the proportion of female engineering students to 30% by 2030 and multiply the presence of women in all areas at ÉTS.

What are the criteria that applications should focus on for this competition? It’s up to you! Noteworthy qualities that may prompt the submission of an application include perseverance, leadership, involvement (academic, extracurricular, community, etc.), motivation, dedication, positive impact of research work on the lives of others, study-personal life balance and many others. Every journey is unique, and all deserve to be celebrated!

Tell us about yourself and explain how you stand out as an inspiration beyond academic success. You may be chosen as one of the 30 honourees of the Palmarès Féminin pluriel program. Each winner will receive a $500 cash scholarship.

Looking for examples to inspire you? Check out the profiles of the 2020-2021 winners (in French).

  1. Write a letter (maximum 500 words) presenting your profile or the profile of a female student. Focus on the distinctive elements of the academic path or the current life of the applicant/nominee.
  2. Have your letter co-signed by a fellow student or a member of the faculty or staff at ÉTS who supports your application. If the application is submitted by someone other than the nominee, it is not necessary to have the letter co-signed.
  3. Submit the application via the eBourse portal by March 8, 2023.

A jury will evaluate the applications and select the next group of Palmarès Féminin pluriel honourees. Note that any individual who identifies as female can submit an application or be nominated. 

In April, applicants/nominees will be invited to attend a photo session and the production of a short video. The official ceremony and presentation of scholarships will take place at the end of May.

ÉTS is proud to recognize and celebrate female students who play a role in making engineering more accessible to greater numbers of women!

Women at ÉTS

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ÉTS is committed to 30% representation among female engineering students by 2030.
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Women currently represent 40% of ÉTS' executive positions.