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L'ÉTS vous donne rendez-vous à sa journée portes ouvertes qui aura lieu sur son campus à l'automne et à l'hiver : Samedi 18 novembre 2023 Samedi 17 février 2024 Le dépôt de votre demande d'admission à un programme de baccalauréat ou au cheminement universitaire en technologie sera gratuit si vous étudiez ou détenez un diplôme collégial d'un établissement québécois.

Following up on Your Application

Being admitted to an ÉTS program means that you meet eligibility criteria for that program and you can enrol in courses for that program. You can only be admitted to ÉTS after filing an application. This is the first administrative step to studying at ÉTS.

Letter of acceptance

The response to an application is generally provided within four weeks of the enrolment deadline for the requested semester. If your application is accepted, you will receive an email at the address you provided on your application form. This email will give you access to your letter of acceptance on the Omnivox Portal.  

The letter of acceptance is the only official document issued by ÉTS to confirm your acceptance to a program. Whether we call it a letter of admission, a letter of acceptance or something else, this is the same document!  

International students

Your ÉTS letter of acceptance includes all the information you need to start your immigration process. Follow the procedure on our Immigration page.

Conditional admission

An admission may be definitive or conditional. If you do not meet all eligibility requirements for the program of study, you may receive a conditional admission decision that lists conditions to be met and deadlines for each condition. You must meet these deadlines to avoid expulsion.  

Any time ÉTS modifies your admission conditions (condition fulfilled, additional specifications from ÉTS, decision postponed), you will receive an email informing you that a new admission letter is available through Omnivox and MonÉTS. 

International students

A conditional letter of acceptance does not prevent you from beginning your immigration process and does not affect approval. Note: Most international students are conditionally admitted.

Postponement of admission

ÉTS allows you to postpone admission twice, for a delay of up to three semesters after initial acceptance. Postponement is not automatic. You must request a postponement through the Omnivox portal. This request is free of charge. 

If you do not follow up on your acceptance (by registering for a course or postponing admission), ÉTS will consider that you have opted not to study at ÉTS. Your file will be closed on the “Course changes - with refund” date. 

International students

If you postpone your admission, you must check the validity of your immigration documents and take any necessary steps to remain in compliance with immigration regulations. See the Postponement, Absence, and Expulsion section.

Changing programs

You can change programs before or during your studies, depending on ÉTS application deadlines. To do so, you must submit a new application and pay any associated fees. The Registrar’s Office will let you know whether you need to file documents that the Registrar already has in its possession. 

Being admitted to a new program does not cancel the previous admission. It is possible to be admitted to more than one program. Your final program choice will be validated upon registration.  

You can also apply to obtain recognition of prior learning in courses you completed in another ÉTS program before changing programs. Visit the Recognition of Prior Learning page to learn more.

International students

It is possible to change to another school (provided the new institution is a designated learning institution) or to another program within the same institution as long as you continue to comply with the conditions of your study permit. However, if you change study levels (e.g., master’s to Ph.D.), you must obtain a new CAQ. If this involves taking a break from your studies, you will not be authorized to work during this break. For more information, visit our Immigration page.

Next steps


After admission, you need to register by choosing your courses for all semesters based on the dates listed in the academic calendar. Course selection confirms your intention to study at ÉTS, your choice of courses, as well as the activities (research project, internship, etc.) you will participate in each semester. It also enables you to build your schedule.   

For registration instructions, visit the Course Registration page. 

Placement tests

Students enrolled in an undergraduate program (excluding those who did the Foundation Year in Technology), certificate programs in economy and building project estimation or construction management, and the undergraduate short program in economy and building project estimation must take one or more placement tests. These are not eligibility tests. Rather, they are used to assess your knowledge of certain subjects in order to determine the path that best suits you.  

For more information, visit the Placement Tests page. 

French and English tests

To be admitted without language requirements, you must demonstrate sufficient fluency in French or pass the ÉTS French test. If the placement test result is unsatisfactory and does not meet ÉTS Language Policy requirements, you must successfully complete the French refresher course required by ÉTS before the end of your second semester.  

The same applies to English for students who wish to pursue a master’s degree (thesis track) or doctorate in English. 

See the Language Policy page for more information