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Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair in mechanical biomarkers

About the Chair

The knee is the largest and most complex joint in the human body, and problems that affect the knee have major repercussions on the quality of life for those who are so afflicted. At the present time, there is a significant lack of tools for properly evaluating these types of problems.

The mission of the Marcelle-Gauvreau Engineering Research Chair in mechanical biomarkers is to develop new biomarkers to allow for better diagnosis and treatment of knee diseases. These are defined as having characteristics of movement that indicate an abnormal condition.


The general objective of the research work being done by the Chair is to discover and validate new mechanical biomarkers for knee conditions for which none already exist, including the following:

  • Biomarkers for improved planning of surgical interventions on the knee;
  • Biomarkers for patellofemoral syndrome;
  • Biomarkers for cruciate ligament tears;

Other benefits:

  • Training highly-skilled personnel;
  • Establishing a basis for large-scale projects funded by partnership programs and clinical research programs.