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L'ÉTS vous donne rendez-vous à sa journée portes ouvertes qui aura lieu sur son campus à l'automne et à l'hiver : Samedi 18 novembre 2023 Samedi 17 février 2024 Le dépôt de votre demande d'admission à un programme de baccalauréat ou au cheminement universitaire en technologie sera gratuit si vous étudiez ou détenez un diplôme collégial d'un établissement québécois.

Prepare for Your Arrival in Canada

Coming to Canada as a student takes months of careful preparation, from the moment you’re admitted to your arrival in the country. Let us walk you through the steps you need to take to properly prepare for arrival in Canada.

When you arrive on Canadian soil

You’ll need to show certain documents upon arrival in Canada, depending on the type of program you will be taking at ÉTS:

  1. 1. Your letter of admission
  2. Your Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ)
  3. The letter of introduction for your study permit
  4. If applicable, the letter of introduction for your co-op internship. You can apply for your co-op work permit when you arrive at the border, as not all students are required to have the permit for their program. Note, however, that it will be easy to reapply for this type of permit once you’re in Canada, following this procedure.
  5. Recent bank statements as evidence of funding
  6. Your registration and billing statement, available free of charge in early December on your MonÉTS portal or via a request for official proof of registration online ($10)

  1. Your letter of admission
  2. Your temporary resident visa (TRV) or electronic travel authorization (eTA)
  3. Recent bank statements as evidence of funding
  4. Your registration and billing statement, available free of charge in early December on your MonÉTS portal or via a request for official proof of registration online ($10)

When you arrive at ÉTS

Official documents

You must send the following official documents to documentsimmigration@etsmtl.ca or take them in person to the service counter at the Registrar’s Office as soon as possible (no later than the first day of the semester):

  • International students: passport, CAQ, co-op work permit (if applicable), completed health insurance forms (if you’re eligible), and study permit*
  • Students on an exchange semester (program 0469): passport only

The Registrar’s Office will provide you with proof of registration at ÉTS. You’ll need that document to enroll in Québec’s public health insurance plan, Régie de l’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ).

*Send the actual study permit issued by the border officer and not the IRCC introduction letter confirming that your study permit has been approved.

Co-op work permit (bachelor’s degree and master’s degree with project)

Work experience is an integral part of several ÉTS programs:

  • Bachelor’s degree: three compulsory paid internships
  • Master’s degree with project: possibility of an industry internship (STA800, STA802, or MGA902)

In order to complete an internship, you must obtain an IRCC co-op work permit and send it, along with your social insurance number, to the Cooperative Education Department at stages@etsmtl.ca.

Haven’t received your co-op work permit yet?

Apply online now on the IRCC website.

Conditional admission

If your admission is conditional, you must meet the requirements within the timeframe indicated in your admission letter. Your MonÉTS portal will be updated once everything has been verified.

Important: If you cannot meet the requirements for admission, you will not be able to attend!

Student record

You must update your mailing address. This is a small (but necessary) step to make sure all your ÉTS documents are sent to the right place:

  • Log in to the MonÉTS portal
  • Go to “Mon dossier (My Account)” > “Renseignements (Information)” and add your Montréal address


You must have insurance while you are in Québec. There are several options depending on your country of origin. We invite you to explore the insurance and healthcare options for international students and to learn more about how to make arrangements with ÉTS.

Tuition fees

You must pay your tuition fees on time, so it is important to find out how and when to make payments.


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Other matters

Social insurance number (SIN)

You must have a social insurance number (SIN) if you plan to work in Canada. Your employer will ask for it, and you need it for other things too.

Find out how to get your SIN Social insurance number (SIN)
Student life

Learn more about housing, student cards, transportation, lockers, digital services, supplies, and more.

Check out our helpful information on student life Student life
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