Our mission

The mission of the LIO is to contribute to the advancement and development of knowledge in the following areas: 

  • Methods for the quantified analysis of human movement;
  • Analysis and modeling methods in medical imaging;
  • Machine learning methods for the analysis of megadata produced by connected objects;
  • Injectable smart biomaterials and bio-printing for the tissue engineering of customized living tissue;
  • Multi-sensory virtual reality systems for motor rehabilitation and training;
  • Equipment designed to reduce the risks associated with traumatic brain injury;
  • Improving endovascular implants;
  • Integration of nanotechnologies into therapeutic targeting for new endovascular therapies.

Areas of expertise

Activities at the LIO research laboratory at ÉTS focus on the design and development of health technologies, including morpho-functional assessment, quality management systems,

material characterization, medical imaging, geometric and biomechanical modeling, robotics, simulation and virtual reality.

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