LAMSI in brief

The Shape Memory Alloys and Intelligent Systems Laboratory (Laboratoire sur les alliages à mémoire et systèmes intelligents – LAMSI) promotes the design and development of shape memory alloy components for various industrial applications. Its mission is to serve as a bridge between theory and practice for shape memory alloys and smart systems that use these materials.

Since 2015, the LAMSI team has worked on numerous projects involving additive manufacturing, which is at the forefront of mechanical design, materials science and manufacturing.

LAMSI is affiliated with CREPEC, a multi-institutional research center that specializes in the development, transformation and processing of new advanced materials.

Vladimir Brailovski
From idea to functional prototype in one lab Icon
Vladimir Brailovski, director of the Shape Memory Alloys and Intelligent Systems Laboratory

Vladimir Brailovski is a Full Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department and a renowned Researcher who specializes in the design and manufacturing of shape memory alloy components, with a focus on industrial applications. His areas of expertise also include process engineering for additive manufacturing (AM).

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Industrial Collaboration: LAMSI can help you innovate!

Because we work on all of the various aspects of additive manufacturing (AM), LAMSI is a great place for AM experts to receive advanced training. From developing new AM materials to designing new parts to becoming an expert in AM, LAMSI offers the best possible support.

Is your company looking to develop an innovative technology? Do you lack the expertise, time or necessary equipment to move the project forward? Have you considered collaborating with LAMSI? We might have exactly the expertise and equipment you need!

We can also help to train highly qualified personnel.

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