Cannabis Regulation Act

The consumption and use of cannabis is prohibited on the ÉTS campus

Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Cannabis Regulation Act enters into effect on October 17, and includes provisions for academic institutions that prohibit the consumption of cannabis on university campuses.

ÉTS plans to adhere to these provisions and ban the use (smoking/vaping), consumption, distribution, delivery and culture of cannabis on its campus, including all buildings, parks and student residences.

Framework chosen by ÉTS

ÉTS has modified its Règlement sur la sécurité des personnes, des biens et sur les STI (By-law respecting the safety of persons and property, and respecting ITS) to this effect, and plans to apply the same provisions applicable to smoking and cigarettes. ÉTS is recognized as a non-smoking establishment.

ÉTS promotes an environment that is conducive to learning, studying and success. It is also committed to providing a healthy and safe work environment for all of its employees.

Raising awareness

ÉTS plans to introduce awareness-raising and educational activities related to the consumption of cannabis, and has produced an information sheet (aide-mémoire) that is intended for the entire ÉTS community, including students, teaching personnel and employees.




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