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Multimedia Lab

The Lab

The team at the Multimedia Lab, which is part of the Software and IT Engineering Department, includes research professors and students who conduct research related to multimedia: computer graphics, human-computer interaction, digital signal processing of images and videos, mobile multimedia systems, and medical imaging.

Areas of research

Our objectives are to develop innovative solutions aimed at enhancing knowledge and to work in collaboration with our industrial partners to produce concrete advances with real-world applications in four main areas of research:

  • Computer graphics: Realistic image synthesis; computer animation; simulation of natural phenomena.
  • Human-computer interaction: User interfaces; information visualization; haptics; interaction design.
  • Mobile multimedia systems: Video compression and transcoding; architecture of multimedia systems; multimedia applications.
  • Medical imaging: Segmentation, fusion and 3D reconstruction; clinical application in cardiology.

Sheldon Andrews, Professor
Real-time physical simulation, 3D character animation, motion capture, modelling of virtual environments, digital contact mechanics and articulated mechanisms

Stéphane Coulombe, Professor
Video processing, compression and transcoding

Simon Drouin, Professor
Virtual and augmented reality, medical imaging, 3D visualization, computer graphics, computer-assisted surgery

Luc Duong, Professor
Medical imaging, computer vision, shape recognition

Samira Ebrahimi Kahou, Professor
Reinforcement learning, multi-modal learning, medical imaging, climate modelling and disaster response

Adrien Gruson, Professor
Computer graphics, physically based rendering, light transport simulation, Monte Carlo sampling, Markov Chain Monte Carlo

David Labbé, Professor
Virtual reality, real-time animation of virtual characters, motion capture and analysis, motor recovery

Vincent Lévesque, Professor
Haptic interfaces, tactile and haptic surface, mobile and portable displays, human-machine interaction, interaction design, assistive technologies for the visually impaired

Michael J. McGuffin, Professor and Director of the Laboratory
Human-machine interaction, information visualization

Eric Paquette, Professor
3D computer graphics, animation, simulation of fluids

Carlos Vazquez, Professor
Digital image and video processing, stereoscopic and multiview imaging, 3D TV systems

Are you interested in joining the Multimedia Lab? We are always looking for individuals who are passionate about multimedia to take part in our projects.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Multimedia Lab whose expertise piques your interest.

You can also consult the following page: Research Projects for Students.

Contact us

Michael McGuffin, Director of the Laboratory
Phone: 514 396-8418

Multimedia Lab
Software and IT Engineering Department
École de technologie supérieure
Room A-3460
1100 Notre-Dame Street West
Montréal, Québec  H3C 1K3

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