Exemptions from additional tuition fees

IMPORTANT: The program rules have been amended. Ensure that you read the new rules.

The Ministère de l'Enseignement supérieur grants exemption quotas to universities, allowing them to grant students holding a student visa exemptions from additional tuition fees.

The allocation of these exemptions, on the basis of the ÉTS quota, is under the jurisdiction of the Dean of Studies. A competition takes place each semester and the exemption is granted for that same semester.

Eligibility criteria


  • Be registered full-time (9-15 credits) in a Master’s with research program : no out-of-program course credits are allowed in these credits, except for the French courses;
  • Hold a minimum cumulative average of 3.8/4.3 in the program of study covered by the application;
  • Not have exceeded 4 semesters in the program of studies covered by the request;
  • Must have no Failures (Échec) on his/her record;
  • May not hold (for the referenced semester) an exemption bursary (from his country or other body);
  • Must not have received 3 exemptions in the Master’s (MEES exemptions granted to universities).

Selection criteria

  • The cumulative average at the closing date of the competition;
  • Must not have unpaid tuition fees for semesters prior to that of the competition.

Documents required

Documents to submit electronically:

PDF documents to send by email to infobourses@etsmtl.ca:

  • Students whose country has signed a student mobility agreement with the Quebec governement must send a proof they have applied to the exemption offered through this program and, if available, a copy of the answer received. Consult the list of signatory countries.
Study program Master's Degree with Thesis
Legal status International student

September 6 to 26, 2022, 2 p.m.

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