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The Admission Process for Master’s Level Studies

Follow the steps to apply for a Master's degree, a Specialized graduate degree or a Microprogram.

Step 1 Confirm your eligibility

Confirm your eligibility

So you’ve chosen to pursue graduate studies at ÉTS? Make sure you meet the admission criteria for the program you’ve chosen, whether it's a Master’s degree, a Specialized Graduate Studies Diploma (in French, a Diplôme d'études supérieures spécialisées or DESS) or a shorter program. This information can be found in the program descriptions, under the “Admission criteria” tab.

Need to know more about a graduate program, a professor or a research topic?

Here are some ways to find the answers you need:

  • Attend our Graduate Studies evenings to learn more about a program or a research topic. These evenings are advertised on the Substance website;
  • Consult the ÉTS Faculty researchers to learn more about researchers who share your interests;
  • Write to Program-Info. A member of our team will be happy to answer your questions;
  • Attend our Open House (in French).

Want to learn more about tuition fees?

Consult the webpage Cost of Studies.

Deadline for submitting applications for admission

  • Fall session: August 1st (March 1st for international students)
  • Winter session: December 1st (July 1st for international students)
  • Summer session: April 1st (December 1st for international students)
Step 2 Prepare your application files

Prepare your application files

To find the list of supporting documents you must submit with your admission application, please select the program you wish to apply to, then your legal status in Canada. A list of eligible diplomas will then appear. Click the diploma you hold to see the list of supporting documents you will need to provide.

Step 3 Submit your application for admission

At ÉTS, applications for admission to master’s-level programs are made online. If you don’t have all the answers to the questions you’re asked, or all the required documents, you can begin to fill out the form, save it, then return to it later.

Please note that erroneous information and falsified documents expose you to significant sanctions and that missing transcripts of grades may jeopardize the processing of your application.

When must you choose a thesis supervisor?

You need to have already chosen your supervisor when applying for admission.

How to find a thesis supervisor

For information on how to find a thesis supervisor, visit the How to Find a Thesis Supervisor page.

Application fees

The cost of applying for admission is $51 for Canadian applicants and those applying through partnership agreements, and $128 for international applicants. These fees are payable by Visa or MasterCard and are non-refundable.

Graduates of any University of Québec constituent are exempted from application fees. A copy of a transcript or a diploma is required.

Format of supporting documents

Make sure that all the documents you attach to the admission application are complete and legible. Uploaded files must have a maximum size of 5 MB. Accepted formats are: pdf, gif, jpg, jpeg, png, tiff, bmp, doc and docx.

Transcripts and diplomas in a language other than French or English must be accompanied by a French translation certified by the consulate, the Embassy of the country of origin of the candidate or by a member of the Order of Translators, Terminologists and Interpreters of Québec (OTTIAQ).

ÉTS may require additional documents. If required, ÉTS will write to you at the e-mail address that you entered in the admission application form.

To be considered a resident of Québec and pay the resident tuition fees, you must be born in Québec or have obtained a CSQ when you immigrated.  Other situations may be considered. Fill in this form (in French) and send it to Info-ÉTS.

Step 4 Follow up on your application for admission

Follow up on your application for admission

The response to a completed application for admission is generally provided no later than four weeks after the application deadline. You will receive the admissions decision at the email address that you entered on the application form.

Conditional admission

If you do not meet all the admissions requirements for your program of study, you may receive a decision of conditional admission. It will indicate the conditions to be met and the deadlines for doing so.

Accepting an offer of admission

Admission means that after having studied your file, ÉTS has determined that your application meets the admission criteria for the chosen program.

Admission is therefore the first step to university studies. You must then confirm your registration, each session, during the period stated in the academic calendar.

This step confirms your intention to study at ÉTS and your choice of courses and activities (research project, internship, etc.) to follow in each session. It also allows you to build your schedule. At ÉTS, you must register in each of the three sessions that make up one university academic year.

Register online through Mon ÉTS

All new students admitted to a graduate program can register using MonÉTS. It will assist you in choosing your courses and validate your selections.

You will receive a confirmation of your registration and an invoice prior to the start of the session. Once the session begins, you can makes changes to your course schedule during the add/drop period specified in academic calendar.