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Scholarships for ÉTS’ Bachelor’s graduates to pursue Master’s or PhD studies

Funded by donors to the ÉTS Service aux diplômés et à la philanthropie, these scholarships are intended to encourage ÉTS’s Bachelor’s graduates to pursue full-time PhD or Master’s studies (with research) at the school and enable them to devote themselves fully to the studies.

To apply for a scholarship under this competition, you must have a research project and a thesis supervisor. See these Tips to find a research project as well as a thesis supervisor.

Plan to submit an application one year in advance. The 2024-2025 competition is for students who wish to obtain financing beginning summer 2024, fall 2024 or winter 2025.

Amount and duration


  • Master’s: $20,000 / year (2 years)
  • Doctorate: $20,000 / year (3 years)


  • In certain circumstances, the duration of the award could be adjusted
  • The thesis supervisor participates in financing the award;
  • If a recipient also holds a fellowship of $10,000 or more, obtained through a selection process, the amount of the excellence award will be reduced by half during the sessions where the other award is in force.

Eligibility criteria

  • Be enrolled in an ÉTS bachelor’s program or hold a Bachelor’s degree from ÉTS, and be planning to enrol full-time in a Master’s program with thesis or a Doctorate program;
  • Holder of a Bachelor's degree from ÉTS and have begun the first semester of the program of studies related to this bursary application (see note);
  • In all cases, must have a cumulative average of at least 3.7/4.3 at the bachelor’s level for the master scholarship and at least 3.7/4.3 (or equivalent) at the bachelor's level and at the master’s level for the doctoral scholarship..

Exceptionally, holders of a Bachelor's degree from ÉTS who have begun the 2nd semester in he program of studies related to this bursary application may submit an application but must provide a reason as to why they did not apply in the previous session. The selection committee will decide whether or not to accept their application.

Selection criteria


  • Academic excellence (Master’s 55% / Doctorate 45%);
  • Research skills and potential (Master’s 35%, Doctorate 45%);
  • Communication and leadership skills (5%);
  • Recommendation letters (5%).

All candidates will receive an answer in March.

Documents required

Documents to submit electronically:

PDF documents to send by email to

  • Transcripts of marks for all university studies (other than at ÉTS);
  • Two signed letters of recommendation on official letterhead (sent by the respondents to the Dean’s Office). It is strongly suggested that one of the recommendations be from the thesis supervisor;
  • Form - Financial commitment of the Supervisor and the Co-Supervisor of the thesis (available in January 2024 on the intranet). The supervisor must send the form to the Dean’s Office.
Study program Master's Degree with Thesis
Legal status Canadian citizen
Permanent resident
International student

February 1st, 2024

For more information

On the letters of recommendation:
Guidelines for the choice of respondents

For recipients
2023-2024 Bursary Holder's Guide (in French)