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Courses not available to exchange students

Technological Academic Path : 
All technological Academic Path preparatory courses and University Technology Pathway (TCH) courses.

Bachelors of Engineering

General Education Department​ :
ATE029, ATE050, ATE060, ATE070, CHM131, COM130, COM400, DST202, DST404, DST801, DST802, ENT202, ENT301, ENT302, ENT303, ENT304, GIA400, GIA410, INF111, ING150, LRC105, LRC110, MAT144, MAT145, PEP110, PHY144, PRE011

Construction engineering :
CTN791, CTN793

Software engineering :
LOG100, LOG121, LOG791, LOG795

Operations and logistics engineering :
GOL111, GOL401, GOL465, GOL491, GOL701, GOL791, GOL793, GOL794

Information Technology engineering :
GTI100, GTI791, GTI795, LOG121

Electrical engineering :
ELE105, ELE140, ELE791, ELE795

Mechanical engineering :
ATE029, GIA602, MEC029, MEC111, MEC129, MEC528, MEC592, MEC791, MEC795

Automated Manufacturing engineering :
GPA745, GPA755, GPA791, GPA793

Certificates and short programs

Economy and Building Project Estimation​ :
All certificate and short program courses.

Construction engineering:
All certificate courses.

Quality Management and Assurance :
GPO222, QUA121, QUA134, QUA142, QUA151, QUA152, QUA165, QUA181, QUA192, QUA202

Industrial Production​ :
GPO222, GPO232, GPO241, QUA121, QUA134, QUA142, QUA192

Facility Management :
IMM100, IMM105, IMM110, IMM115, IMM120

Maintenance Planning and Management​ :
All short program courses.

Telecommunications​ :
TEL115, TEL126, TEL136, TEL141, TEL145, TEL146, TEL147, TEL151, TEL156, TEL160

ATE800, GES808, GES809, GES822, GES835, GES845, GES880, GES885, GES886, GIU803, GIU808, GTS880, MGA802, MGA803, MGA855, MGA856, MGA900, MGA901, MGA960, MTR871, MTR873, MTR874, MTR890, MTR892, MTR895, MTR896, PRE811, STA800, STA802