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Cite, don’t plagiarize!

Authoring written works requires consulting numerous reference sources: monographs, scientific journals, reports, the Web, etc.

When a student uses an extract of text, a figure or an idea from someone else, the source MUST be cited. The absence of source references can convey the idea that the student is the author of these “borrowed” items, and constitutes an act of plagiarism liable to sanction.

Plagiarism also includes other situations, including copying during an exam or submitting as homework the same text to different instructors. In all these situations, the Discipline Committee may impose the following sanctions:

  • Failure of the course
  • Rejection of the report, thesis or dissertation
  • Suspension from the program for one or several semesters
  • Temporary or permanent expulsion from the School.

To learn more about this subject, consult the Règlement sur les infractions de nature académique (in French).

Most students who appear before the Discipline Committee for plagiarism or fraud declare they were unaware of the rules, which generally does not constitute a valid defence. Be proactive and learn the standards to be met for correct citations: