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Samira Ebrahimi-Kahou

Office A-4484
Phone 514 396-8800, ext.8903

Département de génie logiciel et des TI

Courses and support services

Assistance to students

Thèse de doctorat (recherche appliquée)
  • Co-directed by: Ebrahimi-Kahou, Samira
    Swarm Robots Collision Avoidance and Navigation via Model-based Reinforcement Learning, by Abdalwhab,Abdalwhab Bakheet Mohamed.
    Fall 2023
  • Learning Generalizable Representations for Reinforcement Learning, by Nath,Somjit.
    Fall 2023
  • Discovering Shorcuts in Deep Neural Networks, by Sheth,Ivaxi Miteshkumar.
    Fall 2023
  • Co-directed by: Andrews, Sheldon
    Reinforcement Learning for Real Life Applications by Integrating Prior Knowledge, by Agarwal,Pranav.
    Fall 2023
Mémoire à 30 crédits
  • Co-directed by: Noumeir, Rita
    Sequential Modelling of Clinical Decision Making and Drug Delivery, by Abdul Rahman,Aamer.
    Summer 2023
  • Building robust object centric representations for reinforcement learning, by Sujit,Shivakanth.
    Fall 2023
Projet d'intervention en entreprise à 15 crédits
  • Co-directed by: Reyboz, Marina
    Passage à l’échelle de modèles d’apprentissage incrémental basés sur la mémoire humaine, by Galliere,Julie.
    Summer 2021

Awards and honors