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Ultra TCS Industrial Research Chair on Intelligent Tactical Wireless Networks for Challenging Environments

About the Chair

During an emergency situation or tactical operation when every second counts, responders and stakeholders must be able to rapidly deploy highly secure and robust networks under extreme conditions and in harsh environments. Unlike commercial networks, the majority of tactical wireless networks cannot rely on a pre-existing infrastructure, and they must function in hostile environments in which intervention is difficult.

In the case of military operations, tactical wireless networks require even higher levels of robustness, reliability, availability and security. These requirements make the continuous development of new technologies to overcome attacks and the unpredictable behaviour of hostile environments even more crucial. The objectives of the Chair include responding to these challenges and developing the next generation of tactical networks. We integrate the advanced technologies of 5th and 6th generation communication networks, taking advantage of the most recent advances in the areas of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The networks that we develop may be deployed in mobile environments and under extreme conditions, without the support of a pre-existing infrastructure. They will also have the ability to self-configure, self-optimize and self-heal.

Research impacts

Soldiers use a drone for scouting during a military operation in the desert.

The research that we are conducting in collaboration with Ultra TCS will have a direct positive impact on the Canadian technology industry. It is expected to revolutionize the development of tactical communication systems with integrated advanced technologies. In addition to the scientific advances, there should be significant positive repercussions on the quality of life of populations that experience catastrophes or emergency situations.

The Chair is also conducting research in the following areas:

  • Design of tactical network architecture and communication protocols;
  • Integration of advanced technologies into tactical networks to optimize performance and resilience against attacks;
  • Design of new secure waveforms;
  • Training of highly skilled personnel who can make a significant contribution to improving technology.

Contact us

Georges Kaddoum, chairholder
1100, Notre-Dame Street West
Room A-2442
Montréal, Québec  H3C 1K3
514 396-8923

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