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Summit Tech Industrial Research Chair in Immersive Interactive Video

About the Chair

The technology used to produce and transmit high-quality immersive video is complex and costly, and the challenges related to the processing and output of high-quality immersive content are formidable. In light of this, it is crucial to develop more efficient processing and coding methods that require fewer calculations and are suited to various types of applications, transmission methods and viewing modes.

Thanks to the work they are doing, the team at the Summit Tech Industrial Research Chair in Immersive Interactive Video expects to overcome these technical challenges with a view to improving the quality of immersive video.


The Chair’s projects focus on the entire immersive video processing chain, from data capture to compression to transmission or rendering. More specifically, the team is working in the following areas:

  • Enhancing the immersive and interactive experience by designing efficient representations for 360-degree stereoscopic video (3D), viewing approaches that support between three and six degrees of freedom and algorithms that predict user behaviour;
  • Improving compression by reducing the complexity of calculations and optimizing the rate-distortion efficiency of encoded videos;
  • Ensuring reliable and low-latency transmission of high-quality immersive video over IP networks;
  • Integrating artificial intelligence and edge computing technologies into the coding, processing and transmission methods for these videos;
  • Evaluating the potential of emerging technologies.





  • Ahmed Baha Ben Jmaa
  • Olivier Brochu
  • Hossein Pejman Tavallaee


  • Esteban Defrance
  • Mahshad Mahdavimoghadam
  • Bogdan Rusu 

Contact us

Summit Tech Industrial Research Chair in Immersive Interactive Video
Systems Engineering Department
École de technologie supérieure
1100, Notre-Dame Street West, Room A-3456
Montréal (Québec)  H3C 1K3
STIMUL laboratory: A-4524

Stéphane Coulombe
Co-holder of the chair
A-4474 | 514-396-8407

Carlos Vazquez
Co-holder of the chair
A-4472 | 514-396-8450

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