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AdapT – Research Institute on Resilient and Circular Infrastructure

Infrastructure is highly susceptible to climate change, and accounts for between 25% and 40% of greenhouse gas emissions in Canada. The sector also produces a significant portion of the waste created in this country.

There is an urgency to making our infrastructure assets more resilient, sustainable and responsible, and we can make a difference in this area. The objective of AdapT – Research Institute on Resilient and Circular Infrastructure is to provide Canada with support in this approach, and to become the international reference in this field.

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Technological solutions to climate challenges

Infrastructure assets consume energy and resources at an insatiable rate and generate massive environmental footprints, not to mention their vulnerability to the effects of flooding, storms and other extreme weather events, which continue to increase in both frequency and intensity.

It is crucial that we change our way of doing things in order to adapt our infrastructure to the climate of tomorrow, and at the same time, reduce costs related to damages.

What we can offer to society

Canada must adapt and prepare itself for the effects of climate change. AdapT can be part of the solution. We are here to help.

Our mission is to provide tangible means to facilitate the construction of adapted and resilient infrastructure assets, reducing the ecological impact of the built environment by accelerating the transition toward a circular economy.

About us

The Institute plans to become the international reference in the field of resilient, sustainable and responsible infrastructure assets. In taking on this vast challenge, we are relying on our multidisciplinary research team, our many renowned partners a number of previously established pillars at ÉTS, including CERIEC and CIRODD.

AdapT unites close to a hundred researchers from the engineering, management and human sciences sectors around a common goal: to conduct research in service to society in order to help face up to climate challenges.

Our values

The focus of our resolutely transdisciplinary approach is to push back all boundaries in order to allow ideas to circulate freely.

Collaboration is one of the Institute’s core values. We consider industry, along with government and public organizations, to be invaluable partners in successfully attaining our objectives. 

Our areas of research

Circular and sustainable materials and manufacturing processes

Developing high-performance materials and processes with a reduced environmental footprint that are compatible with the principles of circular economy.

Digital monitoring and optimization technologies

Developing technologies and models aimed at improving the design, construction, maintenance, operation, energy efficiency and sustainability of infrastructure assets.

Integrated approach to designing resilient systems

Planning and designing circular and resilient infrastructure assets to meet the current and future needs of society from a systemic perspective.

Transverse areas of research

Planning and assessment tools and models

Developing models and indicators is crucial when it comes to better understanding the impact of climate change on infrastructure assets, along with the environmental, social and economic impacts of the proposed innovative technologies and processes. These tools will make it possible to optimize the results of our research.

Transdisciplinary integration

The integration of experts from the management sciences and the social and human sciences is essential to ensuring that the technological solutions that are developed actually meet the existing needs, and that they are implemented with a view to taking advantage of their full potential.


Detailed information related to our Calls for Projects will be available via our website and distributed through research-focused channels at ÉTS, HEC Montréal and Université de Sherbrooke.

Contact us

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Executive Director


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Scientific Director

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Associate Executive Director

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Director of Business Development and Partnership