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Québec Engineering Competition

Two students from the Mechanical Engineering Department to represent ÉTS at the National Competition

Friday, February 10, 2023
four students
Pierre-André Girard and Vincent Doyle (second and third from the left), second-place winners in the QEC Reengineering Competition, accompanied by the Competition Director and a representative from ABB, presenter of the Competition.

Pierre-André Girard and Vincent Doyle, students from the Mechanical Engineering Department at ÉTS, ranked 2nd in the Reengineering category at the Québec Engineering Competition (QEC), which was held at ÉTS from January 26 to 29. They will proudly represent ÉTS at the National Competition, which will be held at Waterloo University in Ontario from February 24 to 27.

The Reengineering competition challenges participating teams to optimize a known product. Teams of two students are tested on their ability to improve existing products so that they meet new constraints.

The teams are given 8 hours to resolve a pre-determined problem, write a 4-page report and design a PowerPoint presentation. The next day, they are given 15 minutes to present their solution in front of a jury, followed by a question period. This allows the students to demonstrate not only their imagination and technical expertise, but also their talent as speakers.

The theme of this year’s QEC was Génie en fête (Festival Engineering). The case in question consisted of resolving a problem related to wait times and circulation at the entrance to a festival site and at food concession locations. A second problem involved reducing the noise pollution produced by the event.

Pierre-André and Vincent, who are both in the 4th year of their Bachelor programs, stood apart for both the originality of their solutions and for their charisma and energy during the oral presentation in front of the jury. In addition, they resolved the problem in six hours, or two hours less than the teams were accorded.

Multidisciplinary challenges

Under the auspices of the Québec Confederation for Engineering Student Outreach, the objective of the Québec Engineering Competition is to raise awareness of the expertise and life skills of future engineers within the context of multidisciplinary technical tests. More than 250 students from 12 universities took part in this year’s Competition.

Best of luck to the two students from ÉTS at the National Competition!

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