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Centech among the best in the world!

Wednesday, November 13, 2019
Holger Meyer, Head of Research, UBI Global; Luc Giguère, Programs Director, Centech; Richard Chénier, Director General, Centech; and Ali Amin, CEO and Co-Founder, UBI Global.

Centech, the ÉTS business incubator and accelerator, located on campus at 1000 rue St-Jacques, is extremely proud to be ranked among the 20 top performing university incubators in the world. The announcement was made during the World Incubation Summit 2019, which was held in Doha, Qatar, between November 4 and 7.

Richard Chénier, Director General of Centech, points out: “The success of Centech, a technology transfer vehicle and generator of significant economic value, is primarily attributable to the strength of its high-quality entrepreneurs, for whom Centech represents a guarantee of reliability, quality and success for their tech start-ups.”

According to UBI Global, the programs that rise to the top of the list are business incubators or accelerators that produce exceptional impact and performance compared to their international peers. These programs outshine their global competitors in terms of the value they bring to their innovation ecosystem and their new client companies, along with the appeal of the programs themselves.

About Centech

Created by ÉTS in 1996 and located in the heart of Montréal’s Quartier de l’innovation, Centech is a technology business accelerator that is open to anyone. Thanks to its two programs – Acceleration and Propulsion – Centech has played a major role in the creation one of the greatest densities of high-level tech entrepreneurs in Canada. Its programs are free, require no equity transfer and are open to all. A wide range of services, coaching and financial support are available to allow entrepreneurs to focus on what it really important: transforming their ideas into success.

About UBI Global

UBI Global is a Stockholm-based data and advisory firm that specializes in mapping and highlighting the world of business incubators and accelerators. Through a network of more than 1,200 member organizations from across the globe, UBI Global provides matchmaking, ranking, benchmarking and research services to corporations, business incubators and accelerators and other stakeholders within the innovation ecosystem.


Richard Chénier
Directeur General of Centech
514 396-8747

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