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Human Resources Service


The Human Resources Service (HRS) is under the jurisdiction of the General Secretariat.

The human resources management philosophy, which is a key factor in the positioning of École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) as a preferred employer, focuses on three main pillars:

  • Attracting the most talented individuals to meet the needs of ÉTS in order to ensure its growth;
  • Promoting a feeling of belonging and mobilization of existing talent by providing advantageous working and environmental conditions;
  • Supporting personal growth among all personnel through training, professional development and career advancement.

This is the perspective from which the HRS at ÉTS puts its talents to use to provide the ÉTS management team, along with current and future employees, with an extensive range of services, advice and programs.

The HRS at ÉTS is proud of its contribution to the vitality and sustained growth of ÉTS, and to providing the best possible living and working environment, where safety, wellness and respect are fundamental values.

Sectors of activity

The role of the HRS revolves around two primary sectors of activity:

  • Human resources management: Contributing to achieving the organizational mission by ensuring the effective operation of all HR functions related to providing career path and support services.
  • Human resources development: Enhancing the performance of individuals and the organization by utilizing all HR functions related to organizational and career path development in a systematic and integrated manner.