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Partnership Training Scholarships - Régie de l'Énergie (FRQNT)

Scholarships for the next generation of students whose study program is in the fields targeted by the Régie de l'Énergie

Note : You must have a research director or an agreement with the professor who will be directing your master.

Amount and duration

$25 000 / year (max. 2 years)

Eligibility criteria

Consult the FRQNT website for eligibility criteria (in French).

Selection criteria

Consult the FRQNT website (in French). 

Documents required

Consult the FRQNT website (in French) for the documents required to prepare your application file.

Study program Master's Degree with Thesis
Legal status Canadian citizen
Permanent resident
International student

October 3, 2023, 4 p.m.

For more information

Consult the FRQNT website.