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ÉTS residences

Ideally located in the heart of Montréal’s dynamic urban centre, ÉTS residences are home to more than a thousand occupants for each session. They offer students an energetic living environment and quick access to the many services available to the student community, along with the multitude of stores in the area.

One of the most advantageous aspects of ÉTS residences is unquestionably the option to cancel your lease if you are leaving for a co-op work term outside of Montréal or studying abroad for a session, with a guarantee that you will have a place to live when you return. Living on campus makes everything easier!

Already living in the residences? Access the Rentcafé portal.

Aerial view of the ÉTS residences

Rooms and apartments

The apartments and rooms at ÉTS residences provide students with a comfortable, welcoming and safe place to live, where the atmosphere is conducive to studying, friendship and mutual support.

All ÉTS residences are open to a diverse clientele.

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Two students sitting on stairs outside

Living on campus

Living at ÉTS residences means more than simply having four walls around you! It means immersing yourself in a friendly and dynamic living environment, close to classrooms, academic facilities, the Sports Centre, the student pub and much more!

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Services and amenities
internet Internet
washing machine Laundry room
parking Parking
box Storage for personal effects
vacuum cleaner Rental and loaning of equipment
tool Repairs