Contact Program

Who better to help newly arriving students with their social and academic integration than a student who is already used to life at ÉTS? The purpose of the Contact Program is to match student mentors with mentored students.

Make contact with a mentor

Whether you are from Québec or outside the country, during the first days of the session when you begin your studies at ÉTS, you can be put in contact with a mentor, even remotely, who will help to facilitate your integration into university life.

Advantages of being mentored:

  • Save time: No need to try to figure out how ÉTS works! You will benefit from a wealth of information and get your questions answered. As a result, you can focus your energy on your academic success;
  • Make new contacts and relationships based on mutual respect, caring and assistance;
  • Share your experience with someone who can build you up and offer tips and advice (academic support and resources, health and wellness, Québec culture and lifestyle, etc.);
  • Learn more about the dynamic and welcoming living environment at ÉTS.

I would like to find a mentor

Becoming a mentor

If you have been studying at ÉTS for at least one session and you would like to help out someone who has just arrived, has lots of questions and is facing specific challenges or culture shock, become a mentor with the Contact Program!

Your commitment:

  • Invest 1 to 3 hours of your time per month for the entire session;
  • Take part in a 1-hour training session.

Advantages of being a mentor :

  • Feel useful and create links within the university community;
  • Enrich your curriculum vitae or enhance a scholarship application;
  • Earn your entitlement to Génie+ designation.

I want to become a mentor