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Thesis Supervisor

Role of the Thesis Supervisor

One of the particular characteristics of most graduate and post-graduate study programs is that they are largely focused on the completion of a large-scale research or development project. An ÉTS professor will act as your Thesis or Dissertation Director, often called a Thesis Supervisor, to provide you with support and guidance in accomplishing this task.

It is usually mandatory to have a Thesis Supervisor in order to submit a scholarship application. Verify the requirements of your program. Your Thesis Supervisor must revise the sections of your application that involve the description of your research project and share their comments with you. Depending on the requirements of the organization, your Thesis Supervisor may also be used as a referee and produce a recommendation letter (or form) to complete your application. (See the fact sheet entitled “Instructions for referees“).

In light of this, it is important that you select a Thesis Supervisor as soon as possible, because this is the person with whom you will discuss your research project. In fact, the research project often takes shape during these discussions. The Thesis Supervisor will provide you with guidance in terms of defining your research topic and the scientific approach to use, among other aspects.

Suggestions for selecting a Thesis Supervisor

If you have not already selected a Thesis Supervisor, consult the section entitled “How to Find a Thesis Supervisor” on the ÉTS website to explore the fields of expertise of the professors/researchers at ÉTS. The next step is to contact the professors/researchers you have selected in order to discuss the possibility of their supervising your research work.

You can also consult the list of research projects for which professors are seeking students (Master thesis and Doctoral dissertation). This approach allows you to select a potential Supervisor and a research topic at the same time.

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