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A Hundred Scholarships Given to ÉTS Students

Every year, ÉTS engineering students receive more than a hundred scholarships... Many of these bursaries are intended to emphasize academic excellence, while others encourage student perseverance, promote a career choice or highlight student engagement in extra-curricular activities.

Keep a regular watch on the various scholarships offered by ÉTS, private foundations and granting agencies: some are intended for Canadian citizens and permanent residents while others are aimed at international students.

Graduate and post-graduate scholarships
Help sheets and examples to complete application forms

These sheets and examples will provide tips to improve the quality of your applications.

Instructions for referees (PDF)
Research project (PDF)
Writing rules (PDF)
Research director (PDF)
Examples (PDF)

Bursaries for Canadian citizens and permanent residents

Here is the list of scholarships offered to Canadian citizens and permanent residents.

Bursaries for international students

Here are the scholarships offered to international students (with study permit).