Welcome to ÉTS!

Is this your very first time at ÉTS? Here is some useful information to help you prepare for your session: orientation activities, student card, campus map, digital services for students, school supplies and books, and more!

COVID-19: Informations and procedures

Welcome sessions et activities

Be sure to check the calendar of events (in French) and the Interface newsletter (in French) so you don’t miss any of the activities that enrich the lives of ÉTS students.

The essentials

Be sure you’ve completed all the steps required for your program of study.

Recognition of prior learning

Complete the Formulaire de reconnaissance des acquis (Prior Learning Recognition Form) if you wish to apply.

Academic Calendar

Take note of important dates for each session in the ÉTS Academic Calenders.

Assigned Contact

Do you have questions about your academic path, student record, or other? Resources are available to help you.

  1. Provide your official documents to the Registrar’s Office, either in person or by email, at admission@etsmtl.ca
    Depending on your status, you must provide the following documents: Passport, CAQ and study permit and proof of RAMQ eligibility.
  2. Other internal procedures
    Obtain your student card, pay your tuition fees and update your contact information on your portail MonÉTS.
  3. Open a bank account
    This is essential if you plan to stay for more than 6 months. Simply make an appointment at the financial institution of your choice and bring the required documents.
  4. Obtain a Social Insurance Number (SIN)
    The SIN is mandatory if you wish to work in Canada.

If you have any other questions, please contact international@etsmtl.ca.

Members of the Student Association are covered by a group insurance plan. All members (with the exception of international students) are invoiced and registered for the health and dental care plan administered by the Alliance pour la santé étudiante au Québec (ASÉQ – Alliance for Student Health in Québec).

You can withdraw from this coverage directly through the ASEQ (in French) before the deadline, which is approximately 30 day after the beginning of the session. Your coverage cannot be changed during a later session. In other words, if you withdraw during the Fall session, you cannot enroll again for the Winter session, and the Summer session is invoiced during the winter.

For more information, visit Alliance pour la santé étudiante au Québec or contact the ÉTS Student Association, at 514 396-8883.

International students

International students are invoiced and registered only for the dental care portion of the ASEQ plan. International students who are covered by the RAMQ can choose to enroll in the health portion of the ASEQ plan in the 30 days following their RAMQ enrollment.

International students must be covered by Quebec health and hospitalization insurance throughout the duration of their studies in Canada. All international students are automatically billed and covered by the Desjardins group insurance plan (Policy Q178). Only proof of RAMQ eligibility can result in its withdrawal. For more information, visit the Insurance and health care for international students.

ÉTS provides each student with a student card, which is mandatory for accessing laboratories and other services (library, Security Service, Sports complex, ÉTS Coop, etc.). It can also be used as a debit card for certain photocopiers.

How to obtain a student card

  1. Connect to the Mon ÉTS portal
  2. Open the Uploading your photo page
  3. Follow the instructions for uploading an identity photo
  4. Follow the instructions for uploading a photo of an identity document
  5. Send the documents

Your documents will then be verified by an authorized person. If they are approved, you will receive a confirmation email, and your student card will be sent by mail (if you have a Canadian address) or will be made available for pickup at the Facility Assets Management Service in Room A-1410 (if you have an international address). If they are not approved, you will receive a rejection email, and you will have to begin the process again.

IMPORTANT: Your student card will not be created until your photo has been submitted and approved.

Renewing your student card

In case of loss, a $15 fee will be charged for a replacement card. If you have any questions, please contact the premises access attendants at LD-Gestion-locaux@etsmtl.ca.

The Société de transport de Montréal (STM) offers a reduced fare for full-time students at ÉTS, regardless of age. You can now apply for or renew your photo OPUS card through Mon ÉTS, under the Mes documents tab. It’s easy, online and fast! For more information concerning the photo OPUS card, please visit the STM website.

Important information for international students: There is another option available to you if you do not have a credit card with a billing address in Québec. For more information concerning the reduced-fare OPUS card, please visit the STM website.

Thanks to the public transport incentive program (in French), you can also get a discount by purchasing your tickets at Coop ÉTS.

Active transport

Secure indoor bicycle racks are available in the underground parking facilities at Pavilion A, B and E. A number of other measures (in French) have been implemented at ÉTS to promote active transport.


ETS has indoor parking in its A, B and E pavilions. A permit entitles the holder to access a designated parking lot (no interchangeability).

ÉTS is a connected campus! Before you start the school year, learn more about our digital services, as you will need them beginning on the first day of class. To start, configure your e-mail address so you can receive official communications from your professors, as well as those from different ÉTS services and departments, like the co-op work program!


A number of digital tools and collaborative platforms are available to you to monitor and organize your student life more easily. These services, which are accessible from the Mon ÉTS portal, these services will help you:

  • find class schedules and register
  • locate available computers on campus
  • share your notes with classmates
  • centralize your administrative exchanges
  • find out your exam results, etc.

Wi-Fi: Connect to ÉTS!

On the ÉTS campus, a Wi-Fi network (in French) is available in all pavilions.

Purchases that are required before blasses begin

  • Undergraduates:
    You’ll need the TI-Nspire CX CAS calculator (in French) by Texas Instruments for your very first math and science courses. Buy it at a great price at the ÉTS Coop (in French).
  • Students pursuing the Technological Academic Path:
    To enter certain laboratories, you must have shoes with toe protectors and protective goggles.

Wait until after your first course before you buy your books and materials. You’ll know the specific requirements of each course in terms of books, class notes and IT equipment. Please note that a number of IT labs are available to you throughout your session.

A smart way to get your books and materials

  • Get your Textbooks from the Lexya platform.
  • Become a member of Coop ÉTS to get low prices on school supplies and books. As a member, you’ll save money while encouraging a cooperative, democratic and fair-trade business. The ÉTS Coop helps student development by offering students jobs and contributing a portion of its sales in the form of scholarships, donations or sponsorships of student organizations.

Get required manuals and other resources from the library

Copies of all manuals required for courses given at ÉTS are available at the library (in French). A few copies are available for 72-hour loans at the reservation desk behind the circulation counter for your needs throughout the session.

The Library also gives you access to all kinds of specialized engineering documentation, primarily accessible in electronic format. To access these electronic resources from your home, configure off-campus access.

Don’t have a place to live yet? Your room in one of the ÉTS residences isn’t open yet? Need to find temporary housing? Here are some useful resources for your housing search.

Off-campus housing, long-term lease

A number of sites advertise places to rent or share in Montreal. Here are some of them.

Colocation and rooms

Renting an apartment can be a significant financial burden. Many students will prefer to rent a room in a shared accommodation.

Facebook groups are a popular option for finding accommodation or roommates.

Short-term housing

Here are some places to stay for a few days while you find permanent accommodation.

Do you need help finding housing?

During the back-to-school period, Student Services offers assistance for new international students who are looking for housing. An Advisor will be on hand to provide you with tips, advice and assistance. Register now to make an appointment.

Not familiar with Montréal’s boroughs?

Check out these city maps.
ÉTS is in the Sud-Ouest borough.

Lockers, which are available only to undergraduates, are shared between two people. To reserve a locker, you must know the name and permanent code of the person with whom you’d like to share a locker beforehand.

Reservations are made through MyÉTS portal beginning on the first day of each session, under the “My File” tab.

Please note that the ÉTS Sports Centre also rents lockers on the third floor of Pavilion B. For more information, visit the reception desk.