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A University That Specializes in Applied Engineering

The École de technologie supérieure is a constituent establishment of the Université du Québec. ÉTS, which specializes in engineering and technological transfer education as well as applied research, trains engineers and researchers who are recognized for their practical and innovative approach.

Since its creation, ÉTS has pursued a mission that is deeply rooted in all its activities: To meet the needs of the industrial sector, which is in need of engineers who have not only a good theoretical background, but also practical knowledge. To fulfil this mission, ÉTS has a unique partnership with the business and industrial spheres that includes both small and large companies. It stands out from other universities in Quebec because of the applied training it offers students, as well as its research activities conducted by and for companies.

An Engineering Education Based on Acquiring Tangible Knowledge

At ÉTS, bachelor’s programs have more lab sessions and practicums than any other undergraduate engineering program in Quebec.

For graduate students, ÉTS offers master’s degrees and doctorates in multiple fields of engineering, as well as Specialized Graduate Studies Diplomas and diplomas for people who want refresher training.

For all students, ÉTS’s programs of study are based on acquiring practical knowledge. They offer students unique expertise recognized by companies and organizations.

One-quarter of students in Quebec who are pursuing a bachelor’s in engineering are studying at ÉTS, which makes it one of the leading universities in the province that offers an engineering degree program. In Canada, ÉTS is one of the top five engineering departments or schools. 

Research and Technology Transfer

Thanks to the support of the industry and funding organizations, professors/researchers carry out a number of activities in different research labs, chairs and groups at ÉTS. They make practical contributions through their work to scientific progress and developing Quebec’s productivity and competitiveness, as well as educating a highly qualified labour force.

Each year, more than 200 companies entrust ÉTS with mandates to develop industrial technology transfer applications.

Ties to the Industry

Each year, ÉTS does business with more than 1,200 companies who offer co-op work terms to students and entrust professors with mandates to develop industrial applications. Following the school’s mission based on technology transfer to companies, more than 60% of research activities originate directly from the industry or are linked to projects carried out jointly with businesses.

It is also noteworthy that almost all members of our teaching faculty, who were trained in the best engineering schools, have work experience in industry.

International Prestige

At ÉTS, internationalization of its research and training activities and building industrial relationships in other countries are a priority for the school’s development.

With more than 100 international partnerships, innovative models of student mobility, strong growth in terms of foreign graduate students, abundant research activities, science and technology transfer outreach whose impacts surpass borders, ÉTS clearly contributes to Quebec’s economic development through the deployment of its international activities.


"The goal of l'École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is to deliver university education and conduct research in applied engineering and technology, with a view to the technological and economic development of Québec. To further this goal, the School, in collaboration with industry, orients its activities in particular toward cooperative education as well as applied research and technology transfer."

Our values

  • Humanisme

  • Boldness

  • Commitment

  • Excellence

  • Equity