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Hire a Co-op Student

Would you like to make your business more productive? Prepare for the future? An ÉTS engineering co-op student and future engineer can help you meet your needs!

ÉTS engineering co-op students make significant contributions to a company’s profitability. Hiring a co-op student is a great way to evaluate the potential of a future engineer. Co-op students bring new perspective to organizations along with the skills and knowledge they acquired during their technical diploma (or equivalent) or their bachelor’s degree.

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Getting Started

To post your co-op work terms or employment opportunities, please use the “Find my placement Coordinator” tool to contact the coordinator in your geographic area.

To learn more about our operations and processes, please contact Carine Minga Bahota, Business Development Coordinator.

Find my Placement Coordinator

How to Define your Co-op Work Term Offer

1.  Identify your requirements:

  • If you require a technician for up to four months, hire a Level S1 co-op student.
  • If you require a future engineer for four or eight months, hire a Level S2, S3 or S4 co-op student.
  • Our master’s level students are also available for co-op work terms.
  • Consult the list of tasks that co-op students are qualified to do.

2.  Determine the timeframe:

  • Co-op student work terms begin in January, May or September.
  • They generally last for a period of four months. However, second and third level co-op work terms may last up to eight months.

3. Consult our job posting and interview calendars.

ÉTS co-op system
Over 1,120 businesses hire ÉTS co-op students annually
85.8% of co-op students have been assessed "excellent" or "very good" by their employer
100% of ÉTS bachelor students complete
co-op work terms
Man standing in an office
Co-op students who come from ÉTS already know construction; they’re already technicians. And they’re open-minded… Icon
Pascal Michaud, President, Anjinnov

ÉTS trains future engineers who will be able to become project managers in any domain. “A project manager is like an orchestra conductor on a work site: he brings the stakeholders together and moves them forward. It takes someone who has the leadership, the technical knowledge and the rigour. These are qualities that I find among co-op students from ÉTS, where they make sure to train them to succeed in the job market”, explains Pascal Michaud.

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