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Distech Controls Industrial Chair on Embedded Neural Networks for Connected Building Control

About the Chair

The objective of the partnership between ÉTS and Distech Controls is to create a synergy that is conducive to the development of machine learning solutions for controlling connected buildings. 

Distech Controls is seeking to develop smarter building management solutions, and the Chair holders, Professors Éric Granger and Marco Pedersoli, possess the necessary expertise in the area of artificial intelligence to optimize the various tasks inherent in building control, including ventilation, heating and room lighting.


The Chair conducts research in the following areas:

  • Building control with the use of low-cost sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms;
  • Reducing the energy footprint and increasing comfort inside buildings;
  • Detection of individuals and events inside smart buildings;
  • Developing strategies aimed at protecting privacy;
  • Executing intelligent algorithms on edge computing platforms;
  • Developing strategies aimed at reducing the complexity of and processing time for embedded AI algorithms;
  • Fusion of multimodal information from multiple sensors;
  • Automatic and incremental adaptation of systems to environmental changes;
  • Adaptive calibration of controllers.


  • Éric Granger, ÉTS Professor and Chair holder;
  • Marco Pedersoli, ÉTS Professor and Chair holder;
  • Heitor Rapela Medeiros, Doctoral student;
  • Dr Fidel Guerrero, Post-doctoral Researcher.

Distech Controls

  • Steve Lupien, Vice President, Building Automation Technology at Distech Controls;
  • R&D Department, Distech Controls:
    • Jean-Simon Boucher, Engr.;
    • François Gervais;
    • Josh Amelia;
    • Simon-Pierre Allaire.