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Study programs

The "Programs" team at the Dean of Studies Office is responsible for assisting the teaching staff, the program committees, the departments, the Directorate and its various bodies by providing support related to the creation, periodic evaluation, modification and management of programs, and to the interpretation and revision of regulations respecting these activities.

Quality of training is crucial in terms of the academic success of students and the reputation and scope of influence of ÉTS. In light of this, the “Programs” team focuses their efforts on the creation of new and relevant study programs and the continuous improvement of existing programs.



The seven Bachelor of Engineering programs at ÉTS are subject to a continuous improvement process based on an evaluation of the qualities required of graduates with a view to identifying improvements that must be made to the programs.

The Bachelor of Engineering programs at ÉTS are accredited by Engineers Canada through the organization’s Accreditation Board (CEAB).

At ÉTS, one of our objectives is to provide programs that meet the highest quality standards and reflect the current and future needs of industry. The periodic evaluation of programs is one of the preferred methods for helping us to meet this objective.

The periodic evaluation comprises five steps: self-evaluation, appraisal by external experts, the final report from an institutional committee, decision-making and follow-up, and finally, dissemination of the results. The Dean of Studies Office provides guidance for those involved in the periodic evaluation process, and makes a number of tools available to them to facilitate their task.




Summary of periodic evaluation files