Services, Workshops and Activities for Foreign Students

Student Services offers you all kinds of ways to facilitate your integration into life in Québec. A number of workshops and activities are organized throughout the year.

Check the calendar, the Interface newsletter (in French) or just stop by room E-3042!

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Adaptation and Integration Services for Foreign Students

Were you excited about living in another country until you learned that it was (much) colder than you expected, or you couldn’t figure out where to buy your favourite foods, or you couldn’t always understand the language? Not to worry! Student Services is here to accompany you on your adventure!

Cultural Adaptation: Assistance Counselling and Support for Success

All kinds of challenges to cultural adaptation can arise, from adapting to school and Québec’s university system to food and nutrition to developing a social network and combatting isolation.

If you’re having trouble, or you have practical questions like, “Can we ask a professor questions during class?” contact Student Services!

Sharing Experiences

All year long, intercultural activities are held on campus, such as International Education Week and “testimonial evenings” where students can share their experiences and their tips.

Would you like to play an active role in these activities? Contact Student Services and check out the Interface newsletter (in French).

Rental of basic items

ÉtSPERANTO rents out basic items to exchange students living in residence for 4 to 8 months. Rentable items:

  • Comforter, pillows, bed sheets;
  • Dishes, cutlery, glasses;
  • Pots, pans, utensils.

A deposit is required to obtain the items. The deposit will be refunded upon return of the items in good condition.

For information:

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Workshops and Activities for Foreign Students

Workshops and activities take place all year long. Check out the Interface newsletter (in French). To confirm your attendance at events, use the online reservation system.

Social Activities

  • Language Exchanges
  • Fall Outings: Apple Picking, Etspéranto Hike
  • Winter Outing: Snowshoeing

Cultural Adaptation

  • History of Québec
  • Living Through Culture Shock
  • Enjoying Wintertime!

Official Documents

  • Renewing your Official Documents
  • Becoming a Permanent Resident of Québec (lecture offered by Immigration Québec)

International Education Week

  • Beginning of November

Work and Budget Management

  • Work While You Study
  • Study in Montréal Without Breaking the Bank