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Organize a Student Activity

Want to organize a student activity? Make sure you plan your event well in advance.

Book the Room

  • Executive members of student organizations recognized by the Office of Student Life may reserve meeting rooms on the 2nd floor of Pavilion D.
  • No reservation is required for students who wish to use classrooms that are not being used by instructors or the teamwork areas in the Library.
  • If you want to book the ÉTS auditorium or public places (halls, open spaces), expect a delay of 6 to 8 weeks, and make a request for the authorization of a student activity (in French).
Student event

Promote Your Event

Make sure you follow the guidelines (PDF, in French) to be followed before beginning to promote your student activity.

View the available means of advertising (PDF, in French).

Also, make sure you comply with the alcohol regulations by consulting: