Health Research Training Award Programs (CIHR)

Scholarships which highlight the merit of students who pursue studies in a health-related field in Canada.

Plan to submit an application one year in advance:
The current competition is open to students who wish to obtain financing beginning summer 2019, fall 2019 or winter 2020.

Amount and duration

  • Master’s: $17,500 / year (max. 1 year)
  • Doctorate: $35,000 / year (max. 3 years)

Eligibility criteria

Selection criteria


  • An internal selection process will determine which candidates will be recommended to the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR) selection committee.


  • The (internal) applications review committee is a multi-departmental committee composed of three ÉTS professors;
  • The Dean of Studies ensures that there is no research association with the candidates. Each member makes an individual evaluation of the application files using the evaluation grid provided by the Dean of Studies Office;
  • The selection criteria and the weighting used are those of the organization:
    • academic excellence;
    • research potential;
    • Interpersonal relations characteristics and skills.
  • The Dean’s office then presents a compilation of evaluations at a meeting of the review committee.

Documents required

Applicants must complete and submit their application for a scholarship through the appropriate research portal.

  • For an application for a doctoral scholarship: RechercheNet
  • For an application for a master's scholarship: NSERC research portal instructions)
Study program Master's Degree with Thesis
Legal status Canadian citizen
Permanent resident

Doctorate : September 14, 2018
Master's : 1er December 1, 2018

For more information

Consult the NSERC website: Master's | Doctorate