Bursary for French-language integration

Intended exclusively for students who have been admitted to a Master’s with thesis or PhD program at ÉTS based on an adequate knowledge of English.

In order to encourage those students to register to a French course (FLS), the tuition fees associated with the course will be reimbursed upon successful completion of the course. The reimbursement is not automatic. A request must be submitted during the appropriate period (see below). A student can only receive one reimbursement for any French course.

Montant et durée

  • The tuition fees (3 credits)  / 1 semester

Conditions d'admissibilité

  • Be admitted to a Master’s with thesis or Ph. D. program at ÉTS based on an adequate knowledge of English;
  • Must not be in an extension period;
  • Obtain success in the French course*.

The grade must be entered in your student’s file.

Pièces requises

Document to be sent electronically:
Request for reimbursement (available during the application period)

Reimbursement will be issued 6 weeks after the application period.                                             

Programme d’études Maîtrise avec mémoire
Statut légal Citoyen canadien
Résident permanent
Etudiant étranger
Dates limites

Next application period: January 6 to 26, 2020

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