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The mission of the Polymer and Composite Engineering Laboratory (LIPEC) at École de technologie supérieure (ÉTS) is to train highly skilled researchers and personnel through the execution of applied research projects involving polymers and polymer matrix composites.

The projects that are carried out at LIPEC are in keeping with the goal of enhancing and optimizing the properties of polymers and composites, along with the associated industrial processes and prediction, measurement, maintenance and performance-restoration techniques for many fields of application.

Our research

LIPEC’s research is producing technical and scientific advances in the following fields:

  • The formulation of new polymers and the development of polymer matrix composite materials that are optimized at the nanometric, submicrometric, micrometric, and macroscopic levels;
  • The creation or enhancement of functional polymers (semi-conductors, piezoelectric, thermosensitive, pH-sensitive and memory-shape sensors and actuators, etc.);
  • The development or enhancement of methods for modelling and characterizing the properties of polymers and composites;
  • The development of new processing methods for polymers and composites, including additive manufacturing and electrospinning;
  • The modelling and enhancement of composite manufacturing, assembly and repair processes;
  • The design of composites structures;
  • The application of newly developed innovations to industrial projects.

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We’re always looking for qualified people. Whether you are a student or a potential industrial partner, we would be happy to discuss with you the opportunities the lab offers.

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