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Seeking perfection

Our mission: To enhance the knowledge base and develop advanced technologies to meet the innovation requirements of industry and to train specialized engineers who will shape the sustainable development of the future.

Dynamo - Research Laboratory in Dynamics of Machines, Structures and Processes is committed to supporting companies that wish to improve the quality of their products and the functional performance of their machines and processes.

Our expertise

Our team comprises professors, researchers and students who specialize in experimental simulation and research. We make use of unique facilities and labs that enable us to cover a wide range of the mechanical engineering spectrum (e.g.: vibration, noise and fatigue reduction, detection and monitoring of defects and deteriorations, process simulation).

Our areas of expertise:

  • Machine dynamics
  • Structures dynamics
  • Manufacturing process dynamics
  • Inspection and characterization process dynamics

From the theoretical to the practical

The Dynamo laboratory is dedicated to training specialized engineers, who are integrated into every stage of our projects. We are always open to welcoming new students who are interested in working with us. Contact us!

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Building a partnership with Dynamo

The Dynamo team conducts applied and exploratory research aimed at providing innovative technological solutions adapted to the real needs of industry. The ultimate goal is to transfer the technologies and knowledge developed at Dymano to our industrial partners.

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Our 3D commitment

We ensure that all research projects undertaken at Dynamo respect the fundamental principles of sustainable development. Every project that targets improved respect for the environment or promotes the development of a fairer society for current and future generations is identified by the addition of 3D (Dynamo Développement Durable – Dynamo Sustainable development) to the end of its title.

3D projects must meet at least one of the criteria listed below, without contravening any of the others. Any of the following objectives may be targeted:

  • Producing a reduction in energy consumption.
  • Improving the performance of systems or processes. 
  • Producing a conversion toward sustainable energy sources. 
  • Recovering lost energy.
  • Reducing the emission of pollutants. 
  • Reducing or controlling the emission of noise. 
  • Reducing the use of polluting or non-renewable materials.
  • Recovering, reusing or recycling materials or facilitating these actions.
  • Increasing the life cycle of systems. 
  • Improving conditions of use for systems or processes. 
  • Reducing negative impacts on society caused by the use of systems or processes.
Our projects