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Innovative solutions for enterprises with engineering challenges

Partnerships are an integral part of our research projects. Do you represent a company that is interested in discussing a research project to be conducted in partnership with Dynamo? We are interested in proposals for pre-defined projects as well as those that have not yet been defined. Feel free to send us a brief description of your needs!

Why partner with the Dynamo laboratory?

Collaborating with us gives you access to a variety of benefits:

  • Privileged access to experts in a variety of fields;
  • Long-lasting collaboration, because Dynamo promotes long-term partnerships;
  • Immediate and priority access to advanced technological developments and emerging technologies, giving you a leg up on the competition;
  • The possibility of using ÉTS resources and infrastructure;
  • The expertise and skills of leading student engineers who are dedicated to their projects, which you can help to shape through research guided by your company;
  • Exploration of undiscovered avenues thanks to the contribution of students and the use of adapted modelling tools and experimental methods;
  • The possibility of cooperating with other companies affected by related challenges;
  • A fertile research environment for assessing the real value of concepts;
  • Indirect publicity generated by the reputation and outreach of ÉTS and by visibility in prestigious scientific publications;
  • Tangible improvements to your equipment, systems and processes at low cost;
  • Tax benefits and significant savings in developing your solutions thanks to industrial research grants.

A partnership that works for everyone

The Dynamo laboratory also profits from our industrial collaborations. They give us the opportunity of:

  • Providing practical training related to real and complex engineering problems;
  • Giving student engineers access to the industrial culture;
  • Recruiting students at all levels to find solutions to practical problems;
  • Training more students who are interested in industrial research.

These partnerships also give members trained at Dynamo a quick access to jobs and the opportunity to pursue their careers in their areas of expertise with our partner companies.