The partnership between Ultra Electronics and ÉTS has led to the creation of an industrial Chair in the field of wireless communications. The Chair funds research conducted by many students and contributes to the development of new wireless telecom technologies. This infrastructure ensures ongoing development and expertise in digital communications.
From a technical standpoint, the Chair promotes the development of algorithms, digital circuits, and radiofrequency devices for wireless systems. Since these technologies are assessed in terms of their utility in existing systems, they must be studied as part of real-world scenarios involving mobility issues, the presence of interfering transmitters, and the use of multiple transmitters and receivers. Research activities are focused on microwave communication systems and deal with essentially digital high-bit-rate signal-processing.

Since the establishment of the Chair in 2001, there have been increasing and encouraging positive fallouts from our partnership with Ultra Electronics – as the diversity of projects presented on this site demonstrates. With every new discovery and new contacts with fellow researchers, François Gagnon and his team have extended their expertise, uncovering new characteristics of wireless networks, enhancing existing applications, and developing new (and, even, unsuspected) applications.

Five years later, our enthusiasm and passion for what we do and the results of our efforts have given rise to a science community where members are committed to communications and share a strong sense of unity – in a word, a COMunity.

Chair holder:
François Gagnon, PhD
Professor, electrical engineering department