Slag Optimization Regarding Dephosphorization and Refractory Wear in Steel Electric Arc Furnace

Steel is produced via either an integrated blast furnace (BF)/basic oxygen furnace (BOF) route or an electric arc furnace (EAF) process. While the integrated path utilizes iron ore and coal to produce steel, EAF route treats steel scrap or direct reduced iron (DRI), which is more environmentally friendly and plays a pivotal role in decarbonization of the steel industry.
This research aims at optimizing the composition of slags in steel electric arc furnace with respect to phosphorous removal capacity and the premature refractory wear to achieve efficient and stable operation. For this purpose, it is crucial to understand the extent and rate of chemical reactions at the steel/slag/refractory interface. Effects of slag chemistry, steel composition, additives and flux, temperature, time and atmosphere on steel quality and refractory degradation will be investigated. The research findings will be leveraged by the industrial partner for process improvement.

Connaissances requises

We are looking for a candidate with a solid background and/or related experience in thermodynamics, steelmaking or pyrometallurgy. Having knowledge of reaction kinetics is an asset.  

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This is a fully funded research project.

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Starting : 2021-10-01 
Partner involved : In collaboration with steel industry in Quebec

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