Future Concept for Modular Energy Conversion Solutions

* Context of Problem
The current situation is a stagnant market with traditional bundled gas turbine (GT) architectures matured over the last 80 years of development. Their topology is predicated on availability of inexpensive, high quality, fossil fuels and a continuously growing demand for energy without regard to carbon footprint.

* Solution Approach
The novel approach to be analyzed here is a de-coupled modular approach where the various components of the gas turbine and driven equipment can be selected and re-combined in a bespoke manner for each application instead of the current approach of adapting the use case to relatively fixed GT offerings. This topology freedom allows for maximized energy conversion efficiency and easier access to more sustainable energy sources.

* Envisioned Work Scope
This proposed, novel, approach to GT architecture needs to be refined and a realistic cost and market potential comparison is required to quantify the net benefit of its enhanced application specific customization potential. Special financial and marketing analysis focus is required here that is hard to realize within our technical/ engineering focused innovation group.
Refine concept model for a novel modular ""LEGO"" style gas turbine (GT) engine with respect to existing serial production GT topologies. This is to compare both projected CAPEX and OPEX of each and also forecast potential future market opportunities for the modular approach.

Connaissances requises

* Interest and preliminary experience in mechanical/aerospace engineering with a financial and marketing analysis focus
* Interest in product customization, modular concepts, Industry 4.0 and project management 

Programme d'études visé

Maîtrise avec mémoire

Domaines de recherche

Aérospatiale, Énergie, Environnement, Infrastructures et milieux bâtis, Matériaux et fabrication


An attractive bursary (2 yrs) is available /Une bourse pertinente est disponible  (Prof. Lucas Hof)

Autres informations

Langue de travail : Francais ou Anglais
Starting flexible / Début flexible : 2021-06-01 
Partner involved / partenaire impliqué :Siemens Energie
Superviseur principal: Professeur R. Maranzana,  Département de génie des systèmes
Co-superviseur: Professeur. L. Hof , Département de génie mécanique

Personne à contacter

Lucas Hof | lucas.hof@etsmtl.ca