Development of repair methods for thermoplastic composites

Thermoplastic composites are candidate materials to replace metals and thermoset composites in aerospace structures. For these materials to be implemented on important large-scale structures, methods for repairing them in case of damage must be developed. Damage in composite aerospace structures often occurs in the form of impact creating internal delaminations, broken fibres, etc.

In this project, the Ph.D. student will study the physical and chemical mechanisms occurring at the interface of two thermoplastic composites when undergoing melting and consolidation cycles. He/she will characterize the consolidation of various thermoplastic polymers and fibre architecture under sets of temperature, pressure and time and improve the existing consolidation/autohesion models to better represent the experimental observations. He will develop repair methods for deconsolidated thermoplastic composites using induction as a mean to heat and melt the polymer and reconsolidating the composite layers.

Connaissances requises

Candidate with excellent knowledge of composite processing and especially thermoplastic composites.  Please send a detailed CV with cover letter, summary of your previous research activities and technical expertise and contact addresses of three references.

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Domaines de recherche

Aérospatiale, Matériaux et fabrication


Funding from professor

Autres informations

Date de début : 2020-01-06 

Partenaires impliqués : ÉTS, CREPEC, NSERC. Possible collaboration with the Canadian Space Agency and Polytechnique Montréal.

Personne à contacter

Martine Dubé |