Contribution in the estimation of uncertainties in assembly operations assisted by 3D metrology and augmented reality

The goal of this project is to use 3D metrology capabilities to develop new methods and tools to support these assembly operations. It will therefore be possible to assist operators in real-time during positioning and orientation operations. This will allow maintaining a very high level of quality control and traceability in the assembly line. This project will result in eliminating a large part of assembly fixtures, reducing the calibration requirements after each fixture modification or rework, and solving different classes of industrial problems. In this regard, the main objective of the research project will be to conduct a repeatability and reproducibility study to determine the error generated by such a measurement system. 

Connaissances requises

Excellence du dossier académique
Connaissances en programmation (Matlab ou Python), maitrise du français et anglais

Programme d'études visé

Maîtrise avec mémoire, Doctorat

Domaines de recherche

Matériaux et fabrication


20k$/an pour la durée des études

Autres informations

Début : 2022-01-03  
Autre personne contact : Sasan KARGANROUDI (