Sylvie Ratté

Sylvie Ratté
Software Engineering and IT Department


I am professor at ÉTS since 1989, first as a "chargée de cours" then, starting in 1992, as a "maître d'enseignement" in computer sciences at the Service des enseignements généraux . SInce September 2002, I am associate professor at the Software Engineering and IT Department .

I obtained my Ph.D. from UQAM in 1994 in computational linguistics then I went to MIT to pursue postdoctoral researchs in cognitive sciences and artificial intelligence. The subject of my thesis is about semantic representations of natural languages and formal explanations of interpretative phenomena. The abstract (in French) of my thesis can be downloaded here.

Contact info

Office: A-4482
Phone: 514 396-8612
Fax: 514 396-8405