Georges Kaddoum
Georges Kaddoum
B.Ing. (ENSTA, France), Ph.D. (Université de Toulouse - INSA)
Département de génie électrique

Dr. Hung Tran, Stagiaire post-doctoral

Superviseurs : Prof. Francois Gagnon et Prof. Georges Kaddoum 
Date de début: Janvier 2015

Parcours académique

I completed my Bachelor and Master program in Information Technology from Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Vietnam in 2002 and 2006, respectively. I received my Ph.D. from the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden in 2013. My Ph.D. advisor was Prof. Hans-Jurgen Jepernick. My Ph.D. thesis was entitled “Performance Analysis of Cognitive Radio Networks with Interference Constraints”. Currently, I am post-doctoral research fellow at L'École de technologie supérieure (ETS) de Montréal (Mtl) where I started on Otc. 2014. 
My research interests are cognitive radio networks, cooperative communications, delay performance, device – to – device communications, vehicle – to – vehicle communications, security communications at the physical layer. 

Titre du projet de recherche actuel

Performance Evaluation of Cognitive Radio Networks under Security and Interference Constraints.

In the spectrum sharing system, secondary users (SUs) are allowed to access the licensed spectrum of the primary users (PUs) provided that the interference inflicted by the SU at the PU is kept below a predefined threshold. This leads to a fact that both SU and PU may be vunerable due to the mutual interference. Accordingly, their secure communication may be revealed for eavesdroppers over wiretap channels. To protect the reliable and secure communication for both SU and PU, in this project, the problems of designing secure communication protocols by utilizing active jammers, relay operating as active jammers will be studied. Moreover, optimal transmission powers of the SU to protect the PU’s communication and enhance the SU performance will be investigated. 

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