Diala Naboulsi
Diala Naboulsi
Ph. D. (INSA Lyon), M. Sc. (INSA Lyon), M. Eng. (Lebanese University)
Département de génie logiciel et des TI

Journal Articles 
- A. Soltanian, D. Naboulsi, R. Glitho, H. Elbiaze. Resource Allocation Mechanism for Media Handling Services in Cloud Multimedia Conferencing, IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications, Vol.37, No.5, May 2019

- C. Mouradian, D. Naboulsi, S. Yangui, R. Glitho, M. J. Morrow, P. A. Polakos. A Comprehensive Survey on Fog Computing : State-of-the-art and Research Challenges, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, Vol.20, No.1, January 2018
- M. Abu-Lebdeh, D. Naboulsi, R. Glitho and C. Tchouati, On the Placement of VNF Managers in Large-Scale and Distributed NFV Systems, IEEE Transactions on Network and Service Management, Vol.14, No.4, December 2017
- D. Naboulsi and M. Fiore, Characterizing the Instantaneous Connectivity of Large-Scale Urban Vehicular Networks, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol.16, No.5, May 2017 
- A. Furno, D. Naboulsi, R. Stanica, M. Fiore, Mobile Demand Profiling for Cellular Cognitive Networking, IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing, Vol.16, No.3, March 2017 
- M. Gramaglia, O. Trullols-Cruces, D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore, M. Calderon, Mobility and connectivity in highway vehicular networks: a case study in Madrid, Elsevier Computer Communications, Vol.78, No.15, March 2016 
- D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore, R. Stanica, S. Ribot, Large-scale Mobile Traffic Analysis: a Survey, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials, Vol.18, No.1, January 2016 
Conference Articles

- S. Malektaji, D. Naboulsi, R. Glitho, A. Polyantsev, A. El Essaili, C. Iskander, R. Brunner. Video sessions KPIs clustering framework in CDNs, IEEE CCNC 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, January 2019
- D. Naboulsi, A. Mermouri, R. Stanica, H. Rivano and M. Fiore. Dynamic Cloud-RAN topology management - A handovers perspective, IEEE INFOCOM 2018,
Honolulu, HI, USA, April 2018

- M. Rayani, D. Naboulsi, R. Glitho and H. Elbiaze. Slicing Virtualized EPC-based 5G Core Network for Content Delivery, IEEE ISCC 2018, Natal, Brazil, June 2018 (Short paper)
- V. Maleki Raee, D. Naboulsi and R. Glitho. Energy Efficient Task Assignment in Virtualized Wireless Sensor Networks, IEEE ISCC 2018, Natal, Brazil, June 2018 (Short paper)
- A. Soltanian, D. Naboulsi, M. A. Salahuddin, R. Glitho, H. Elbiaze, C. Wette, ADS : Adaptive and Dynamic Scaling Mechanism for Multimedia Conferencing Services in the Cloud, IEEE CCNC 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, January 2018 
- M. Abu-Lebdeh, D. Naboulsi, R. Glitho, C.W. Tchouati, A Virtual NFV Orchestrator Placement for Geo-Distributed Systems, IEEE NCA 2017, Cambridge, MA, USA, October 2017 
- M. Abu-Lebdeh, S. Yangui, D. Naboulsi, R. Glitho, C.W. Tchouati, A Virtual Network PaaS for 3GPP 4G and Beyond Core Network Services,IEEE CloudNet 2016, Pisa, Italy, October 2016
- M. Gramaglia, O. Trullols-Cruces, D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore, M. Calderon, Vehicular Networks on Two Madrid Highways, IEEE SECON 2014, Singapore, Singapore, June 2014
- D. Naboulsi, R. Stanica, M. Fiore, Classifying Call Profiles in Large-scale Mobile Traffic Datasets, IEEE INFOCOM 2014, Toronto, Canada, April 2014
- D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore, On the Instantaneous Topology of a Large-scale Urban Vehicular Network: the Cologne case, ACM MobiHoc 2013, Bangalore, India, July 2013
- D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore, C.F. Chiasserini, Assessment of Practical Energy Savings in Cellular Networks, IEEE INFOCOM 2014 Student Workshop, Toronto, Canada, April 2014
- D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore, R. Stanica, On the Characterization of Mobile Calling Behaviors, ACM MobiHoc 2013, Bangalore, India, August 2013
- D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore, R. Stanica, Human Mobility Flows in the City of Abidjan, NetMob 2013, Boston, MA, USA, May 2013 
- D. Naboulsi, M. Fiore, The Connectivity of Cologne’s Large-scale Vehicular Network, IEEE INFOCOM 2013, Torino, Italy, April 2013

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